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Why no Sound from Computer?

no audio device installedYou may be occurred in "No Audio Device Installed" in your computer. There are a number of different reasons why no sound from computer. If you have this problem, read on to learn how to diagnose the problem and resolve your lost sound on your computer.

lost sound on computer Speaker Connections, Volume Control Settings

Verify that no sound from computer is not due to faulty speaker connections. A simple way to test it is to substitute the speaker connection with headphones and see if you can get any sound.
Open the volume control window by clicking your "Start" button and then "All Programs". Click "Accessories", then "Entertainment", then "Volume Control". Alternatively, just click on the speaker icon that's in your System Tray. Check the volume and mute settings. If any of the mute check boxes have been checked, uncheck them. If this doesn't work, read on the following solutions for no sound from computer.

no audio device installed Perform a System Restore If Necessary

If the sound has been audible from your computer's speakers and is suddenly lost, you may need to perform a System Restore. Click on the " Start" button and then "All Programs." Click on "Accessories," then "System Tools," then "System Restore." Complete the System Restore Wizard. If this doesn't work, read on to fix the problem of no sound from computer.

lost sound on computer Update Sound Drivers

Here we have the perfect driver expert: Driver Detective. It can check the out of date drivers and can also update the old version of device drivers freely and easily. You should download Driver Detective and install it. Launch it and scan audio drivers in your computer. After scanning, you can download the latest Sound Drivers automatically to fix the issue of no sound from computer.

free download audio driver to fix no sound from computers