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Figure You out of No Sound from Sound Card

Without sound, your modern multimedia life will be faded to a great extent. However, even though you have installed sound card into your computer, doubts like "my computer has no sound" or "I have a sound card but no sound" and so on have also troubled your digital life in many cases. Therefore in order to safeguard and ensure your smooth audio life, we here have compiled three approaches to solve such a negative problems friendly.

Approach 1: Deal with No Sound from Sound Card

If every options of "Sound, video and game controllers" in the tab of "Device Manager" have attached to an exclamation point respectively, you can try the following approach to figure you out step by step: 1. Click the exclamation points affiliated to "Sound, video and game controllers" options; And then press "Property" – "Device Status", which will pop up related information and operating conditions about those abnormal options for you.

2. Subsequently, click "Driver", you will be get informed of manufacture, date, version of those Drivers affiliated to those abnormal options.

3. Click "Driver Details" – "Driver Files", and you can see there is .386 extension file in the file list dialog. Meanwhile, please record names of those files with your Notwpad.

4. Open "C" Disk – "Windows" – "System ini", and please find recorded .386 files in it. Having done it, you should add a semicolon or REM order to these files in order to shield those command line.

5. Run Regedit.exe, please click "HKEY" – "LOCAL" – "Machine" – "System" - "Current Control Set" - "Services" - "Class" – "MEDIA", key value of .386 extension file will be popped up. And then please delete those dates from registry table.

Ultimately, you should switch off and reboot your computer to run those settings to observe whether there is sound from sound card or not.

Approach 2: Solve No Sound from Sound Card

Some old sound cards have only manufactured Drivers for Windows 95/98; But, owing to drivers problems themselves or Windows 95 / 98 mistaking them as Creative Sound BlasterPro 16, those kinds of sound card cannot be ran at all. Such the case being, you can resort to the following two methods to make it for you.

Generally: Please click "Control Panel" – "System" – "System Properties" – "Device Manager" – "View Devices by Type" – "Sound, audio and game controllers", and delete those options attached to crosses or exclamation points. Subsequently, please close and reboot your computer again. At this time, operating system will require to press "Having Disk" – "Browse" to choose specific letter and path for Drivers Disk. Ultimately, click "Okay" to install compatible Drivers for your sound card.

Particularly for users who install windows 95 / 98 through DOS: Firstly, install windows 95 / 98 into specified directory, and then switch off your computer to enter windows 95 / 98 operating system once again. Subsequently, please click "Control Panel" – "Add New Hardware" – "Next" – "System Devices" – "Next" – "Manufacture" – "Standard System Devices" – "Mode" – "ISA Plug and Play Bus", then system will check Plug and Play hardware for ISA and install compatible Drivers automatically. In this whole process, what you only have to do it to insert Disk attached to Drivers into floppy Disk Drive. Having done, please close and reboot your computer to run this sound card.

Approach 3: Tackel No Sound from Sound Card

As a matter of fact, the simples way o figure you out is to install compatible Audio Drivers in correct mode: On one hand, you can follow the first method of approach two to install compatible Audio Drivers for your sound card; On the other hand, if your operating system doesn't prompt you to install Driver Disk, it will find sound card drivers automatically. Worse still, you can depend on the following method to install drivers after you have deleted abnormal options existent in "Sound, audio and game controllers" in the windows of "device manager": 1. Press "Start" – "Settings" – "Control Panel" – "Add New Hardware". 2. Subsequently, your Windows 95 / 98 operating system will ask you whether to detect and configure new hardware automatically, please click "No" – "Next" – "Have Disk" to install compatible Drivers according to its letters and path.

Of course, a third-party software can install compatible and official Audio Drivers for your sound card, which can free you from abovementioned constant computer operations utterly. Here we highly recommend you Audio Drivers software of Driver Detective to make it for your for automatical optimization and installation of compatible and latest Audio Drives for your specific computer professionally.

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