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How to Deal with High Pitched Noise from Computer

Computer is making high pitched noise, so that your ear and nerve cannot bear it any more. Here solutions to deal with high pitched noise from computer will be illustrated from four aspects namely elimination of chassis vibration noise, CPU fan noise, power supply fan noise and hard disk vibration noise for you.

1. Eliminate chassis vibration noise

Hardness of chassis as well as connection between it and cabinet should deserve your attention when you are to choose a computer: Those whose materials are thin and a little "saving" are not strong generally; And those whose cabinet box screwed with chassis will more firm that its counterparts that are screw-free. Furthermore, you can press or reverse computer cabinet to check the eligibility of hardness. In addition to, some appropriate vibration damper measures can be taken accordingly, for example, a plastic foam bat of 3 to 4 mm can be labled to join chassis cabinet lid and chassis itself, and you should also not to forget to tighten the lid as well.

2. Eliminate CPU fan noise

Bearings and blades of CPU fan should be always responsible for high-pitched noise in computer: On one hand, fan bearing will cause great friction due to lack of oil over time so that big noises will be invoked. And you are suggested to open the labled on the fan bearing to add sewing machines oil, and then seal it once again to solve such a problem. On the other hand, thanks to growing amount of heat, poor fan blades quality will be deformed, thus making it easy to hit edges of fan. And scrap a few scratches gently to enlarge the distance between blade and fan edge in case of friction between the both tow can figure you out of high-pitched noises from computer.

3. Eliminate power supply fan noise

Usually, power supply fan noises have been divided into rotation and vibration noises: fan bearings are lack of lubrication oil so that rotation noises will be resulted in, and to add drops of sewing machine oil can tackle it. In addition to, asymmetry of fan blades, loose blades and too large gaps between bearings are the common culprits of big noise. Such the case being, this situation can be rendered positive by removing accumulated dirt and dust on the fan blades in time. However, those ones with defected and imbalanced blades as well big gaps should be replaced instead.

4. Eliminate Hard disk vibration noise

Hard disk noise is a matter of safety and security of Hard disk in that such a kind of noise comes from vibration itself. To be specific, vibration due to improper installation of hard disk will be likely to damage the hard disk itself. Thereupon, hard disk required parallel installation must be horizontal with chassis, and vertical installation must be perpendicular to chassis perfectly and accurately. At last, you should also bear in mind that hard disk had better to be fixed by screws, but those screws cannot be too long or tightened to prevent them from damaging circuit boards and disk itself.

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