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Troubleshoot Sound Card Problems of Representative Ones

During the global climate of multimedia life all over the world, all of us will be placed with big burden if the sound card problems have been knocked at the door of our digital life. therefore, here we have written this article to troubleshoot sound card problems for you, which bears the aim to make a difference to you audio life.

Problems: Mute sound

Troubleshooting solutions: 1. Incompatibility between the sound cards and other cards will invoke mute sound. And sometimes, even though there is no yellow exclamation point that represents conflicts when the dialog of "Device Manager" has been opened, it cannot indicate there is no conflicts; In fact, the system doesn't detect it merely. Such the case being, system resources of PnP cards should be adjusted for troubleshooting sound card problems so that the cards will not disturb each other any more.

2. Refreshing sound card of Direct X can also render sound card inaudible either, suggesting that the compatibility between the sound card and Direct X is so poor that the current sound Driver should be replaced with a sound good one accordingly to diagnose sound card problems of this kind.

3. The sound card have been set as "Mute" by default, and you should click the button of a small loudspeaker to reset it correctly.

Problems: Noisy Sound

Troubleshooting solution: 1. Owing the unqualified chasis manufacture, incorrect and improper installation of sound card for instance, outside the baffle, poor connection between the motherboard and the sound card expansion slot will be happened. And the dislocation of Goldfinger and the expansion slot can be visually audible at many times. Under such circumstance, you can use pliers to make correct settings in order to fix sound card problems of this sort.

2. Powers speakers connected to the output port of speaker so that the noise will be emitted by your sound card. As the matter of fact, the output port of Line out should be connected instead so that its single will not transmit through the amplifier. On the other hand, many sound cards have been equipped with the output port of either Line out or Speaker, so the output port should be set depending on the jumper line.

3. Worse performance of sound card Drivers affiliated to Windows system will also lead to noisy sound, and you should match your computer with the sound card Driver form its original manufacture instead. And here we propose you a professional Audio Driver software of Driver Detective to make it with its outstanding functionalities as well as user-friendly interface, which will update your Audio Driver into the latest version automatically and instantly.

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Problems: Music compatible MIDI cannot play at all

Troubleshooting problems: Early ISA sound card version incompatible with 16-bit mode and 32-bit mode will result in abnormal performance of MiDi files, and you can install the software wavetable to troubleshoot sound card problem. In addition to, the currently popular sound card of PCI employs the synthesis technology, and the appropriate wavetable sound should be applied to enable MIDI playback to operate in right mode.

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